Transport to Kopaonik mountain

Prevoz putnika do Kopaonika Transport to Kopaonik
19 July

Transport to Kopaonik mountain

Passenger transport to Kopaonik from Belgrade. Departures passengers and transfer to the desired address at Kopaonik. The driving time is 3 hours.

For further information and reservations about transport to Kopaonik call the number +381603393305 or contact us via email unatours.rezervacije@gmail.com or via our facebook page.

Kopaonik is a mountain in the central part of Serbia and the largest mountain range in the country. The highest point is the Pančić’s Peak with 2,017 m.

Kopaonik is a major ski resort in Serbia, and after Bulgaria’s Bansko, the largest in Southeast Europe. There are 25 ski lifts with capacity of 32,000 skiers per hour.

The central part of the Kopaonik plateau is declared a national park which today covers an area of 121.06 km2. Kopaonik mountain is especially beautiful for its distinctive landscape of dense coniferous forests (spruce and fir) at higher elevations and mixed beech and oak forests on its slopes, pastures and meadows and prominent peaks from which views extend to the Šar Mountains and the Komovi and Stara Planina mountains.

Kopaonik lends itself to active relaxation throughout the year and is the largest and best-known Serbian ski centre. The Ravni Kopaonik plateau is located in center around tourism, with a wide range of accommodation and a network of ski slopes amongst other facilities. Another tourist hotspot is located near the village of Brzeća, on the eastern slope of Kopaonik.